The 6 “P”s

Proper Planning and Preperation Prevents Poor Performances.

Getting myself in gear. I will no longer be doing daily blogs. It was too much and as you can most probably tell put me off blogging. So from now on… A weekly run down of my eating and exercise, and as the occaision arrises any Kidney related info.

Went to the market today to stock up on fresh lean meat. Bought chicken, braising steak, sirloin steak and lean mince. So far I have seperated the chicken and frozen of it save for 2 pieces I have chopped up, and cooked in a curry for freezing (3 portions). Ive seperated the mince into 3 portions and have made a spagetti bolognese again to freeze (3 portions). I’ve sealed the braising steak and thrown it into the slow cooker (4 portions) and Ive bagged up and frozen the sirloin steak (3 steaks).

I’m following the Weight Watchers Filling and Healthy Plan, and face the scales on a monday night. All I have cooked has been Propointed and is portion controlled for those lazy nights or quick lunches and theres loads in the freezer to pad it out.

Exercise wise I have started small this week. A pedometer on my hip counts my steps, and im aiming to hit 10,000 a day. I have a wonderful support network in my family, and in the form of an amazingly friendly little facebook group – from all areas of the world, though granted mainly UK and USA. So far I have hit that target everyday bar day 1, when I only managed 9378 steps.

I’m 5ft 4, currently 13stone 4.5 and a UK size 14-16. I go on holiday in 15 weeks and my goal is to be under 12stone. Its doable. Its only 19lbs. Thats less than 2lb a week on average.

Current Kidney function is doing fine, been for bloods this week and all they have to say is make sure you drink plenty of water and take your meds everyday (dont need telling about that twice!)

I know dieting is hard, Ive been here before. Im just hoping to show that if your mind is set, and you can be organised and conscious about what you eat and how much you move, that it doesnt have to feel impossible xx


Too tired to function

Been feeling very down lately, and for no real reason.

It’s been affecting my day to day life, as I’ve no drive. My house has had minimal effort put in. I’ve done xmas shopping but haven’t had my usual eye for bargains. I just can’t be arsed.

My hubby goes to London tomorrow, he will be away for 2nights. I’m looking forward to the peace, but miss him already.

I’m constantly tired too, so am wasting half the day sat day dreaming and drifting on the couch or in bed. Think I’m going to have to sleep now. My long hot bath has done me no favours. That’s my good news this week. I am now fully healed 😀


Yet another 5am start :D

Readers, followers, visitors and friends, welcome.

This has been a weekend of much fun and a source of great joy. I am, as ever, overly organised with Xmas pressies. But I shall come to that in good time.

Let’s start with Friday. Halloween. All Hallows’ eve. Not going into its Pagan and spiritual realities, it’s a day when kids out on scary (or not) costumes and go from door to door asking for treats. Many adults embrace the spirit of Halloween dishing out treats, dressing up in costume or hosting parties. This year was no exception to the latter in our family. It’s becoming an annual event in my Nans house, to decorate from top to bottom and invite everyone round. Here’s The Boy in full glory…



You do NOT understand the fight I had with this outfit… Unless you’ve been there in which Case, you do. I asked which baddy he wanted to be (he’s a little batman obsessed at the moment). Joker. No hesitating, no thought. I was glad really – it’s probably the easiest costume to get hold of for children from the Batman baddy range. Then my cousin turned up in a batman suit. The Boy was not impressed. ‘I wanted to be Batman, mummy, not Joker’ it went on for hours… But as you can see I won (conned out of green hair spray but worth it) and he had great fun being told how good he looked. There isn’t much more to report here, it was a good night. Home at 11pm – I was shocked at that and bed.

Saturday was nice. The Boy and I went to work with Husband for the ten mins he was there, then called to see my in-laws. MIL was at work, and FIL was mithering about crap as usual. As much as I don’t enjoy going more than once a month, if I didn’t suggest it, they would never see us (or more importantly, their Grandson). They don’t make the effort to come to us, they don’t phone and invite us (unless they want something) but I can’t bring myself to not take The Boy. I think that’s mean.

After this H went to bed for an hour and we went to my mums (who we see at least twice a week – usually more). I ended up going shopping with my mum and Nan, and The Boy stayed with my dad and sister, who he adores. Mum and Nan had received their Tesco Club card points, so we went to a HUGE Tesco. They bought a lot of Xmas pressies for various children ion the family, and even a few birthday pressies to put away as they work out at half price (or free really if you think about it. For those who don’t know, it’s like a loyalty card. You receive the points for shopping at Tesco and various other places then points mean ££s at Xmas or whenever you choose to use them. Usually if you have 30points that’s £30 and they tend to double them at the beginning of Nov so £30 becomes £60. That’s basically free money because if you don’t shop in Tesco, you don’t earn them. Simple.) I bought a couple of bits, but I have £500 vouchers to spend at Xmas, and they don’t spend in Tesco.

Saturday night, after The Boy was in bed, we FINALLY finished watching 24. That’s it now. All seasons finished and we’re at a massive loss (suggestions welcome) it has definitely been wrapped up with no real loose ends, but one that’s loose enough that if tugged it could allow a next season.

Sunday, we got up, I made breakfast then we went out for a treat coffee. I was very proud of myself. I chose the skinny latte with sugar free syrup, and avoided a cake even through The Boy and Husband both had one. We then did a bit of clothes shopping and a bit of Xmas shopping. I have now bought 10 Xmas pressies, and planned a few more. The reason I start this early, is I don’t like shopping, and the closer it gets to Xmas, the more I hate it. It’s too busy, people are grumpy and things are limiting fast. Start in November and things are on offer that won’t be closer to Xmas. It’s not quite as busy, it’s less stressful and once I’ve bought everything I need, if I have vouchers left I still have time to spend them or save them.

Today, I am doing more shopping. I’m buying birthday presents for The Boy. His birthday is in 10 days. His main present is ordered and waiting delivery (between weds and fri) so I just need the accessories for it to pad it out. He’s having a toy kitchen. He loves pretending to cook and brew up, so he may as well have something to do it on. Do you know how hard it is, to find a reasonably priced, non tacky looking kitchen, that’s not overly girly. Don’t get me wrong, if he wants to play with a pink kitchen – fine. BUT on saying that, he’s getting very, very picky. If he thinks it’s for a girl, he won’t have it. He’s at THAT stage now.

I also need some ‘proper’ shopping for food, so that’s on the agenda today. I was up before 5am again today, made soup for Husbands dinner and cleaned the living room and Kitchen. That means I can potter upstairs, go food shopping and be ready to go shopping when The Boy goes to nursery without any fuss.

The Boy has just woken up, so it’s time for Breakfast and getting dressed. May even do Asda early 🙂



Ok, so yesterday had its ups and downs.

Was up at 5am making soup for my lovely Husband’s lunch. I’ve bought him a thermos flask. I am sick to death of him not eating throughout the day (thus putting his body into starvation mode so it hordes calories when he does eat – and when he dies he beats LOADS) gaining weight and complaining about it. He is a very busy man, and I understand that – but sometimes he needs to take some time to think about and look after himself. However, if the food is made and ready to eat, he’ll happily eat everyday. He just doesn’t make the time to source something.

So I sent him off (today as well as yesterday) with a flask of hot soup and a crusty bread roll, and a tub of just-add-water porridge for his breakfast. Tea I will sort later. I haven’t mentioned the dreaded D-word to him, but if he sticks to what I make, and doesn’t mither for take out (or just secretly order it before I make tea like he did last night) the weight will start to fall off him… I just need to do the same for myself.

The Boy slept til 8.30 – bloody typical – and woke up having a grumpy day which made EVERYTHING hard work. He didn’t want his break fast, he didn’t want to play cars, he didn’t want to watch telly, he didn’t want his play doh, he didn’t want to make cakes… He wanted to be outside on the trampoline, but it was bucketing down.

In the end, I got him dressed and we went to see a friend and her 6month old (he was born exactly a week before I received my kidney) where The Boy was happy to watch telly and play with the baby and his baby toys. He loves making the baby smile and laugh.

At lunch time we went home, and my friend came with me (even though she’s round the corner I took the car due to the weather and the fact that she is car-less and sometimes needs some things from the shops) and she fed her baby while I sorted The Boy, then I made us some lunch. I cleaned the kitchen while we had a good chatter, she’s not been out all week as she’s watching her younger siblings while its half term and they’re a handful when forced to spend time together (her dad was off work and had them yesterday). The Boy started being a massive grump again, and started really shouting and screaming that he wanted to play outside. By this time it had stopped raining, but it was still cold and wet and not suitable for him to play.

Friend left at around 3 while it wasn’t raining (she refused lift home said she was looking forward to some fresh air to wake her up) and my brother turned up and took The Boy to the shop for some chocolate. I was rather stressed by this point so ended up having a chocolate bar (you know, the big ones 😱) with a brew to calm down (I’ve skated over the level of drama in The Boys temper tantrum – it was a full on screaming melt down).

Husband got home from work early which was nice – and went straight upstairs to ‘chill out in bed for an hour’ which wasn’t so nice (or helpful after the day I’d had with The Boy). So I busied myself in the kitchen again. I made The Boys tea, unloaded the dishwasher, emptied the maiden, changed the wash-load over, fed the dog and tidied all The Boys toys up in the lounge.

By this time it was getting on for 6pm, so I ran a bath for the boy, made his hot chocolate and started the bed time ritual… I mean routine. Bedtime at 7.30 was a godsend. I’m not exaggerating either. The stress levels in the house disappeared. Me and the Mr sat down to out tea and watched a couple of episodes of 24. By 9 I was ready for bed. I actually admitted to Husband that I know understand why he wants to go to bed early – and that’s after 1 day!! Imagine doing it everyday of the work week (this includes a Saturday for him). Went to bed at half 9 after sorting the dog out and setting up for this morning. True to form I lay awake til 11pm, but that’s better than going to bed at 11 and lying awake til 1am right?

Managed to get up at 5am again today to make his lunch. I’ve even done a batch cook job of spaghetti Bolognaise to freeze for an easy meal. It’s even something Husband can take to work for a change from soup. He has a microwave there. I’ve also put all the laundry away, readied another wash load and loaded the dishwasher, it’s not full though, so it doesn’t get turned on yet.

It’s 7am and still no sign of the boy, and I’ve not been tip toeing. Think I could get used to this 1.5 – 3 hours of solitude in a morning. Once husband leaves at 5.30 til The Boy gets up any time after 7, that time appears to be my golden time. It’s my time to get some housework done in peace, and frees up my afternoons for the gym once I’m fully healed. It’s worth the early get up.

Laters 😃

Fun fun fun :)


Started the morning (after breakfast) with play doh!! It was great. We made cakes and gingerbread men, dog bones, stars. We played for hours! After this we went to my friend house to meet her new dog, Albus. From here we went to Pets at Home and bought dog food and treats for my little Rusty. He’s a King Charles Cavalier and just turned 2.

Home and more playing before out for tea. When we got home Rusty was shaking and going mental barking, because someone was letting off fire works. I threw a small sized tshirt on him and so far he seems to have calmed down. The fireworks have stopped now also – which is a big help.

A day in tomorrow – may do some baking. More play doh. Maybe even a go on the trampoline if it stays dry.

Here’s a pic of my dog, just coz he’s cute…



A little melancholy.

I’ve attempted a poem in my melancholy mood. It’s a little morbid, but I’ve never been able to write happy poems. My creative writing teacher thought I was depressed 😱 never have been, just write better sad stuff… Here goes…

When the time comes, and I’m no longer here,
I want to you to think with a smile, not a tear.

I want you to remember the good times we’ve had,
A house, getting married, being mum and dad.

I want you to move on, to never be lonely,
I don’t want you looking back thinking “If only”.

I don’t want you living your life out alone,
Talk to our boy, if just on the phone.

Remember I love you, and always I will,
And in thousands of years, I will love you still.

And when it’s too much, just push through the pain,
Because, darling, we’ll be together again.


Kidney Transplants

“A typical kidney transplant surgery takes from two to four hours. A healthy kidney is surgically placed in the pelvis of a patient with end-stage renal disease. The renal artery and vein of the donor kidney will be sewn to the recipient’s blood vessels that supply blood to the lower abdomen and legs. Urinary flow is then re-established by connecting the tube that drains urine from the kidney to the bladder.” –

Sorry can’t figure out how to do links on my iPad. It doesn’t seem to want to work.

For those who decide to check out KidneyBuzz just be warned, I take a pinch of salt with most of the articles. It talks a lot about growing kidneys on the back of a mouse etc etc, and using growth hormones to allow the recipient to grow their own new kidney… And as much as I want to believe, I don’t want to get my hopes up for the future, and I’m not 100% sure of the credibility of the site. The above info, however, is pretty much word for word what I was told by my dr – so I know thats accurate.

(At 2am this morning I must have written 4 or 5 blogs in my mind, but was too tired to write anything down… And now they don’t have the same pull to be written.)

The scar from a kidney transplant is long and unsightly – but it is my battle scar. Some describe theirs as a tattoo with a story…


Please excuse the horrendous picture, but it’s the best pic off scar I have for now. 😀 it didn’t feel right to pull someone else’s off the ‘net. I have others from other related surgeries, but they are currently covered by a dressing as they have been re-opened and are healing again.

Thanks for reading,


Good News

So. Ticked a few things off my ‘to do’ list today. Registered The Boy for big school, booked an appointment for Friday at my transplant clinic (not been since before my week away in September, oops) and went to have my dressing changed. I also went to Asda, bought loads of healthy things (and some un healthy for those who aren’t trying to lose weight – Just The Boy then).

Ate well, cereal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, home made burgers for tea (extra lean mince) and an apple. Got tomorrow’s meals planned too – all healthy.

The Boys blind decided to fall off the wall today… Straight onto my head 😦 so I was extremely surprised when he went to bed without a fuss tonight. Was expecting world war three due to there being no window covering. We’ll have to get that sorted asap.

Getting him to eat has been a nightmare again today, but at least he’s had SOME proper food for the first time in 3 days. More cleaning and tidying done as per usual.

Got some good news today – im expected to be fully healed in maximum of 2 weeks… That means back to the gym and hitting the diet hard. Hoping to lose over a stone by Xmas. So, anything over 1lb a week is on target. If I start losing it now, there’s slightly less pressure too.

We’re going to Florida in May, and I want to be able to have fun with The Boy. To not be shattered within half an hour if starting anything. The theme parks are massive and there’s lots of walking to do. Can’t do that if I’m puffing and panting!! One other thing I have to do, is find the nearest transplant centre to where we are staying. That way should I have any problems, I know where to call. Luckily I have a few acquaintances in that area that can help me out.

Looking forward to getting a healthy me, so get ready for before pics and lots of blogs mentioning the gym!!


Problems. Problems everywhere.

Ok. So today has been miles of fun (sense the sarcasm)

Got up and immediately had to change The Boys bed… As he’d woken up and thrown up. In goes full washload of pjs and bedding. Tried getting some breakfast down him, and for him to lie down on the sofa watching his favourite film (Nightmare before Christmas). Not gonna happen apparently.

So he threw up some more (in a bucket) but managed to keep some weak juice and calpol down. Food has been a no no all day. It’s been a day for him doing pretty much whatever he wants – although if it’s usually a no go or naughty then it still is.

I cleaned the kitchen just in time for him to throw up all over himself and the floor, I did another washload (after cleaning the floor) and re tidied the living room. Generally just pottered around.

Then, when tidying my bedroom someone came out to play…


Little bugger creeped me the hell out. I carried on with my cleaning, but had to keep an eye on it. Before long it had come down to an area of the wall I could reach. The thought of losing it somewhere in my room would have kept me awake all night – clarifying I’m not scared of spiders, I know they won’t hurt me… I just don’t like them. It’s now outside chilling in a big bush…

Tea was lovely tonight, and easy to cook too (bonus) and tomorrow is yet another day 🙂


A weekend of fun.



The Boy loved it. Spent a fortune but it was totally worth it. I bought The Boy a light up Mickey Mouse twirly thing, a Mickey Mouse Mug filled with multi coloured slush, and bought my sister and I flashing mini mouse ears. My sister bought a ‘Flounder’ teddy for me (Little Mermaid has always been one of my fave Disney films) and a Stitch for herself. Then we got inside – and The Boy had his pic taken with Mickey Mouse… But it was a statue not ‘the real’ one.

When Mickey, Mini and Goofy came onto the ice, he sat out upright and his face was filled with wonder- it made me almost cry. I can’t wait til we go to Florida in May. Our days in Disney will be magical.

We got home around 6, and The Boy threw up everywhere. It’s not liked he’d had loads to eat, or even just loads of junk food. In fact he’d barely eaten anything I’d given him all day. So loads of fun. Once he was bathed, medicated (don’t you just love calpol) and in bed asleep, My Husband said I shouldn’t let my sister down. That I should still go out. We discussed it for a while but my Husband made a few valid points…

1) The last time I went out was July.
2) He was with him. Not like it was a babysitter.
3) He would (most likely) be asleep all night anyway
4) I had a mobile – I could always come home. It’s not like I drink much.

So I got ready and went to meet my sister and a few others who came out.
We had nice night. Local pub for a couple of hours and then Into Town for some dancing. Got home at 3 (sober) and was up at 8, having only dozed in between because The boy was up at 4ish then was up and down. We had a very lazy day because The Boy threw up again after his breakfast.

We watched him all day and he wasn’t sick again. I had to take my sister back to university, and we decided it was fine for The Boy to go. We went out for tea and all was fine. Until we got outside the restaurant… Where he threw up everywhere.

Needless to say we went home sharpish and put him to bed. He slept all night and we’ve had no sick so far today. We shall see.

Was just a lovely weekend, even with the sickness. Now I just have to catch up on the housework. Wish me luck haha